Carlo Barbieri
Self-Consistent Green’s Function Theory Computations of Medium Mass Isotopes

Sergey Burkov
Physics Investigations and High-Performance Calculations in Pacific National University

J. Carbonell, E. Hiyama, R. Lazauska, M. Kamimura
On the possibile exitence of 4n resonances

Andrey Chibisov
Ab initio calculation of the effect of boron doping on the mechanical properties of silicene

M. A. Chibisova, A. N. Chibisov
Ab initio calculation of the effect of boron doping on the mechanical properties of silicene

L. Coraggio, N. Itaco, and A. Gargano
Large-scale shell-model challenges within the RIB era

David J. Dean
Nuclei, quantum entanglement, and qubits

T. Dytrych, K. D. Launey, J. P. Draayer
Harnessing approximate symmetries hidden in atomic nuclei for ab initio nuclear modeling

V. D. Efros
An approach to the computation of few/many-body multichannel reactions

Ch. Elster, L. Hlophe
Separable Representation of Single and Multi-Channel Optical Potentials

Nikolai Ershov
Integral Equations for Three-Dimensional Scattering Problem

Tobias Frederico
Minkowski space solutions of the Bethe-Salpeter equation for bosonic and fermionic systems

John C. Hill for the PHENIX Collaboration
Highlights from the 15-year Heavy Ion Program at the PHENIX Experiment at RHIC

N. A. Khokhlov
Deuteron wave function and elastic eD scattering

Youngman Kim
Nuclear Mass Table Project with Relativistic Continuum Hartree-Bogoliubov Theory

V. A. Kulikov, A. M. Shirokov, A. I. Mazur, J. P. Vary
J-matrix approach to extrapolation of ab initio calculations

Joel Lynn, Philipp Klos, Ingo Tews, Joe Carlson, Stefano Gandolfi, Alex Gezerlis, Achim Schwenk
Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations with Chiral Effective Field Theory Interactions

Alexander Mazur
Analysis of Resonant States within the SS HORSE Method

Igor Mazur
Energy and Width of the Resonance in the 4n System

I. A. Morev
The effect of field-induced transparency. The Hartree-Fock demonstration

Alexander K. Motovilov
Eigenvectors of multi-channel scattering matrices at resonance energies

Myeong-Hwan Mun
Low-energy phase shift using NCSM with three NN interactions

N. Nevo Dinur, C. Ji, O.J. Hernandez, S. Bacca, and N. Barnea
Nuclear structure and the proton radius puzzle

Junchen Pei
Collective multipole excitations of deformed halos

P. M. Krassovitskiy, F. M. Pen’kov
Model of the rigid pair penetrations

O.A. Rubtsova, V.I. Kukulin, V.N. Pomerantsev
Solving Few-Body Scattering Problems in a Discrete Representation by using GPU

Kimiko Sekiguchi
Experiments of Few-Nucleon Scattering and Three-Nucleon Forces

Noritaka Shimizu
Large-Scale Shell-Model Studies for Exotic Nuclei and Nuclear Level Densities

Ik Jae Shin
From stable to exotic nuclei in He isotopes

Andrey Shirokov
NN interaction Daejeon16

R. Skibi'nski, J. Golak, K. Topolnicki, H. Witała, E. Epelbaum, H. Kamada, H. Krebs, Ulf-G. Meißner, A. Nogga, and A. M. Shirokov
Modern two-nucleon forces in three-nucleon reactions

Alexander Solovyev
The algebraic versions of the resonating group model and the orthogonality conditions model as fundamentals of theoretical approaches for describing nuclear reactions

M. Sosonkina
Comparisons of Optimization Techniques in Parallel ab initio Nuclear Structure Calculations

Yurii Tchuvil'sky
Asymptotic Properties of Resonance and Weakly-Bound States in the Shell-Model Calculations

James P. Vary
Ab Initio No-Core Shell Model with Leadership Class Supercomputers

Kai Wen, Takashi Nakatsukasa
Adiabatic self-consistent collective path and inertial mass in nuclear fusion reactions

F. R. Xu
CGSM and MBPT calculations with realistic nuclear forces

S. L. Yakovlev, E. A. Yarevsky
Three-body Coulomb scattering treatment by potential splitting approach

Alexander S. Zaytsev, Maxim S. Aleshin, Lorenzo Ugo Ancarani, Sergey A. Zaytsev
Electron Correlations in the Framework of the Quasi Sturmians Approach

Xingbo Zhao
Time-dependent Basis Function Approach to Nuclear Scattering

Shan-Gui Zhou
Nuclear tetrahedral shapes from multidimensionally-constrained covariant density functional theories