Takashi Abe
No-core Monte Carlo shell model in light nuclei

Anatoli Afanasjev
Recent progress in covariant density functional theory

Maxim Aleshin
Quasi-Sturmian functions in the continuum spectrum problems

Leonid Blokhintsev
Vertex functions and asymptotics of nuclear bound-state wave functions

Andrey Chibisov
Ordered oxygen arrangement in titanium nanoparticles: Ab initio study

Tomáš Dytrych
Emergence of simple patterns in complex atomic nuclei from first principles

Charlotte Elster
The Coulomb problem in momentum space without screening

Evgeny Epelbaum
Chiral nuclear forces: State of the art and future perspectives

Nikolay Khokhlov
Electromagnetic deuteron form factors in point form of relativistic quantum mechanics

Youngman Kim
Theoretical nuclear structure studies for RAON

Konstantin Kouzakov
Problems of theoretical interpretation of COLTRIMS results on ionization of helium by fast bare-ion impact

Ruprecht Machleidt
Chiral EFT and nuclear forces: Are we in trouble?

Alexander Mazur
J-matrix analysis of resonant states in the shell model

Igor Mazur
J-matrix analysis of resonant states in the shell model: charged particles

Alexander Motovilov
Bounds on variation of the spectrum and spectral subspaces of a few-body Hamiltonian

Takashi Nakatsukasa
Time-dependent density-functional calculation of nuclear response functions

Junchen Pei
Exotic halos and collective excitations in weakly-bound deformed nuclei

Kimiko Sekiguchi
Approach to three nucleon forces from experiment

Ik Jae Shin
Ab initio study of natural and unnatural parity states of 6Li

Andrey Shirokov
Recent results obtained with JISP16

Yurii Tchuvil’sky
Study of cluster reactions in advanced shell model approaches.

Jun Terasaki
Effects of QRPA correlations to nuclear matrix elements of neutrinoless double-beta decay through overlap matrix

Yutaka Utsuno
Large-scale shell-model studies for exotic nuclei: probing shell evolution

James Vary
Ab Initio No Core Shell Model – Recent Results and Future Prospects

Alexander Volya
Computational approaches to many-body dynamics of unstable nuclear systems

Furong Xu
From Gogny force to shell-model calculations

Kazuhiro Yabana
Cluster structures of light nuclei superposing multiple Slater determinants

Sergey Yurev
Three-nucleon calculations within Bethe-Salpeter approach with separable kernel

Sergey Zaytsev
Convoluted quasi-Sturmian basis in Coulomb three-body problems